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Club Championships 2016

Our annual summer tournament has now ended and Finals Days was held on 9th July 2016. Thank you to everyone who helped to make the day such a great event from organising and running the tournament to all of those who prepared & cooked food, helped serve it out etc - a lovely, very Wigmore, day!


Well done to everyone who entered and a special congratulations to the winners!








Men’s Singles – Winner, Alex Zieleniewski / runner up, Cameron Downey

Ladies Singles – Winner, Sophie Langridge / runner up, Julia Searle

Men’s Doubles – Winners, Cameron Downey & Steve Durrant / runners up, Jimmy Callus & Alex Zieleniewski

Mixed Doubles – (postponed)

Ladies Doubles – Winners, Sophie & Amy Langridge / runners up, Fiona Ridgers & Vanessa Wan

Ladies 45+ – Winner, Louise McKercher  runner up, Catrina Moon

Men’s 45+ – Winner, Mark Longden / runner up, Ralph Plowman

Men’s 60+ – Winner, John Holland / runner up, Tony Forbes

Men’s Plate – Winner, Vad Hudoley / runner up, John McLean





8 & under - Winner, Victor Wiggin / runner up, Max Reglar

9 & under - Winner, Bruno Spicha / runner up, Stefan Kowalczyk

10 & under - Winner, Deeyi Mark / runner up, Harold Ditchfield

12u girls - Winner, Sophie Quagraine / runner up, Lucy Redfern

12u boys - Winner, Henry Jefferson / runner up, Samuel Gates

14u Boys - Winner, Thomas Jefferson / runner up, Joshua Taylor

16u Girls - Winner, Pheobe Dennis / runner up Valeria Cespedes-Beltran

18u Boys - Winner, Jordan Dennis / runner up Edmond Lewin


Pictures from Finals Day 2014