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Our 2018 summer tournament Finals Days on 14th July was a great success! Thank you to everyone who helped to make the day such a great event from organising and running the tournament to all of those who prepared & cooked food, helped serve it out etc - a lovely, very Wigmore, day!


Well done to everyone who entered and a special congratulations to the winners!








Mens Singles: Alex Zieleniewski


Mens Doubles: Cameron Downey & James Thomson-Glover


Mixed Doubles: Sophie Langridge & Joe Perkins


Womens Doubles: Roberta Liutikaite & Valeria Cespedes-Beltran


Womens Singles: Roberta Liutikaite


Mens Vets: Stefano Rigoli


Womens Vets: Louise McKerchar






Pictures from Finals Day 2014