We run box leagues throughout the year which we encourage all adult members to participate in and the summer league season started June 19 and will run until the end of September. 

Time to start the summer league season involving almost 100 members and hopefully more than 600 matches. Find yourself among the links below - AA to NN - if you entered this time around, or if you were in the leagues that concluded in April.

The promotions and demotions announced at the time have been applied.

You have between four and seven matches to play by the end of September, with the number depending on which league you are in. Last time around we ejected those players who played fewer than two matches. This time we will be a lot stricter, and the playing season is shorter, so please play early and often to stay in the competition, and be warned, we will start weeding out non-players long before the season ends. Do let us know if any opponents are dragging their feet on match organisation. 

Play to the best of three sets, with a third set replaced by a 10 point tie break if one or both players prefer that. Please remember to email Andy and Jimmy your results (addresses below).

Also look out for an email soon inviting entries for a set of doubles leagues.  

Any questions email Andy on or Jimmy on

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We run a summer tournament including mens and ladies singles and doubles, mixed doubles and various veteran competitions.  Juniors who are invited can also enter these competitions.  However, we do run a junior summer tournament which generally coincides with our adult summer tournament Finals Day. If you’d like to see the photos from the 2019 Finals Day, click this link!Avevt26AxA5srRDaDmXgvIzB50RP?e=dwwSQx

We also run American Doubles on all Bank Holidays except Christmas and Boxing Days.