Wimbledon Ballot Winners

Congratulations to all of our members who were successful in this year’s Wimbledon ballot.  We hope you have a great day there!

 Anthony Herbert

Peter McGoughliin

Darren Gomes

Andrew Matheson

Noah Marsden-Powell

Nina Whitehouse

Sean Barrett

Annette Duncan

Toby Young

Alisi Mekatoa

Christopher Roberts

Julian Arbuckle

Claudia Davey

Carl Hegarty

Jon O'Dwyer

Gemma Formby

Jose Alvarez

Jenny Burton

Betsy Brown

Jimmy Callus

Anne Morley-Fletcher

Edie O'Dwyer

Paul Hopkins

Annie Harris

James McLennan

Ivan Millar

Heidi Nicholson

Lucy Smith

Nick Eastwood

Marc Tyler

Alexandra Mcadam Clark

Matteo Rizzo

Adrian Crawford

Heather Raynor

Volker Janssen

Alexander Crawford

Anthony Sharp

Lynnette Boot

Frank Bair

Annette McFadyen

Albert Ferro


Latest News - we have just applied for some additional tickets for Court #1 on Sunday 14th July - watch this space to see if we are successful. If we are, all of our current members who have linked their British Tennis Membership (BTM) number will be entered into a ballot for them.

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