The ball machine is back!

The ball machine is back and working. It’s great for hitting ball after ball to hone your favourite shots, and it won’t laugh at your appalling forehand!

This very expensive machine needs, nevertheless,  to be treated with respect. So here are a few rules of use:

1. Book a court (yes it can be used on any surface, despite past advice), and name “lobster” ball machine as your opponent.

2. Unplug it carefully from its charger and pull it behind you down the ramps from the clubhouse to your court of choice. DO NOT pick it up and DO NOT bump it down steps. That’s how it gets broken.

3. The settings are pretty self-explanatory, it works by remote (in the blue folder) and manually, and you can use any type of balls in it. If you would like a lesson in how to use it, please contact Nic Zammit, a long- standing member who looks after it. 

4. Return it to its charging spot in the clubhouse via the ramps and plug it back in. If you encounter any mechanical problems with it, contact Nic.

Wigmore Tennis